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Berikut kami sampaikan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 11 SMA/MA/PAKET C Smester 1
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Berikut kami sampaikan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 11 SMA/MA/PAKET C Smester 1

1. Andi : May I help you?

Siti : Hmmmm. Don't bother yourself, thanks.

The underlined sentence expresses .....

A. Asking help D. Refusing an offer

B. Giving help E. Accepting an offer

C. Offering help

2. Karin : It's very hot here. ......

Yola : Sure. No problem

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ....

A. Could you close the door?

B. Would you turn off the fan?

C. Would you mind if I turn on the fan?

D. Would you mind if I turn off the fan?

E. May I leave now?

3. Mom : Reni, what do you think of the cake I bake?

Reni : It's really delicious.! I love it!

Mom : Yes!

From the dialogue above, Mom is .......

A. Asking for an opinion

B. Requesting for attention

C. Giving opinion

D. Asking for help

E. Giving an item

4. Jeri : Oh my God, I left my book at home

Akhbar : .............................

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is .....

A. Shall I take it for you?

B. Just forget it

C. Let me take you to school

D. I'll treat you chicken noodles

E. Just buy it

5. Widarso : I don't understand chemistry at all.

Erik : ...........................

The best response is ....

A. How about having dinner with me?

B. How about going to the beach?

C. How about studying together with me?

D. How about calling the police

E. How about going to cinema?

6. Rendy : Can you lend me a hand?

Gilang : Sure ...........

Rendy : Help me gather everybody. the teacher is 


The proper expression to fill the blank above is .....

A. How can I help you?

B. How can you borrow my hand?

C. Why?

D. When can you help me?

E. Who can help you?

7. Ika : You look so busy. ..........

Prisca : No. Thank you. I can handle them

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is .....

A. I will leave you alone

B. Would you like some help?

C. Do you want to hep me?

D. Sure, I would like to.

E. Yes, please.

8. Marsyella : I heard there will be a concert tonight. 

Would you like to go with me?

Siwi : I'm afraid I cannot.

Marsyella : Why I think you really love the band.

Siwi : Yes. I do. But I have many works at 


Masyella : Let me help you, then.

Siwi : ..................

Marsyella : Never mind. That's what friend should 


Would should Siwi say?

A. I really appreciate your help.

B. I don't need your help

C. I am fine, thank you

D. I will go, too

E. Don't worry

9. Yasri : Hello, Oliv. Where have you been?

Olivia : Hi Yasri. I just bought few kilograms of 

apples in the market.

Yasri : ....................................

The suitable respond to complete the dialogue is ......

A. I don't know

B. Why

C. Of course, that's very kind of you.

D. I will help you

E. Good bye

10. Naufal : ......our English class is very boring.

Florent : I think so. The teacher should use more 

English games to make it fun.

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ....

A. I agree D. I disagree

B. I think E. I quite agree

C. I don't think

11. I .....that social distancing can be efficient in reducing the victim of covid-19 in Indonesia.

A. Totally agree D. Opinion

B. Strongly agree E. Am concern

C. Believe that

12. Helmina : What do you think of studying from home 

in this pandemic situation?

Riski : I think it's very hard. there are many 

works should be finish in short time. I can't stand with this situation.

Helmina : I don't think so

What is the topic that Helmina and Riski discussing?

A. Wearing mask D. Working from home

B. Buying mask E. Watching from home

C. Studying from home

13. Which one is following sentences an impolite of way disagreeing?

A. As far as I can say ,wearing mask can protect us in spreading of virus

B. I agree with you that demonstration is not the one solution.

C. Rubbish! Nonsense! I don't agree with this

D. I feel compelled to disagree with you on this matter

E. I am afraid , I don't agree with you on this matter

14. Sri : What should we do for our group project?

Tiara : ..........

What is the best response to Sri?

A. I don't think so

B. I think we should do a small presentation

C. I doubt that

D. Are you sure?

E. Why do you think so?

15. Arung : Today is very hard.

Faisal : I agree.

Arung : ......... the Math class will be end on time?

Faisal : I don't think so.

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ....

A. What do you think

B. Do you think

C. What should we think

D. Do you agree

E. Would you think

16. Aan : " I believe that online gaming has bad effect to 

the teenagers.

Okta : ..........it makes them lazy to studying.

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ....

A. I like playing games

B. I absolutely agree

C. I don't quite agree with you

D. I don't think I agree with you

E. I am sorry I can't agree with you

Question 17 to 20!

To : All teachers

Would you please come to watch our students' performance to music Festival on Desember 20th in City Mall Ketapang at 08.00 a.s. until the end of the event.


Randi Rustiawan

17. What is the text about?

A. Event in City Mall Ketapang

B. Performance in music festival

C. Invitation to come to music festival

D. Discussion to come to music festival

E. Students' performance in music festival

18. Who is the recipient of the text?

A. Teachers

B. Students

C. Teachers and students

D. Math teacher

E. English teacher

19. When will the festival be held?

A. December 2nd 2020

B. December 23rd 2020

C. December 21st 2020

D. December 20th 2020

E. December 19th 2020

20. Where will the festival be held?

A. The hall D. The football court

B. The street E. Tennis court

C. The mall

Question 21 to 23!

21. Who are Mr. and Mrs. Bahrianto ?

A. The wedding organizer

B. The brides of the party

C. The host of wedding party

D. The guest of the party

E. the wedding singer

22. " .....venue in Merchandise Hotel ballroom "

What is the synonym of venue ?

A. Place D. Event

B. Date E. Party

C. Letter

23. What is the function of R.S.V.P

A. To accept something

B. To close the letter

C. To open the letter

D. To say " please reply"

E. To invite someone

24. Nanda : Let's go to the Cinemax

Sinta : " ......., but I should finish my homework.

What is the suitable response?

A. It sounds interesting

B. Thak you

C. I don't care about it

D. I am sorry to hear that

E. Don't mention it

25. Asti : Tonight will be a graduation party at my home. Will you come ,Sas?

Sasa : It's your sister's party , right?

Asti : Yes, She has graduated from university.

Sasa : ............ . I will come with my brother .

What is the appropriate response to complete the dialogue?

A. Thank you. I'd love to

B. It's OK

C. Don't worry

D. Sorry, thank you

E. No, thanks

26. Hey Siti, ________ go star gazing tonight.

A. are you D. would you like to

B. how about E. Thanks

C. shall them

27. Sam: “Would you like to go watch a movie this weekend? “

Carly: “I can't, I am low on cash right now.” ____________________ stay at home and watch TV instead.

A. How about D. Good Job

B. Let's E. What about

C. I think

28. What shall we do today?____________________ we go to the library.

A. I am D. Why don't

B. Shall I E. Shall I

C. Let's

29. __________ like a cup of coffee?

A. Can I D. I'll do

B. Should I E. Would you

C. Could I

30. Edo: “I have a lot of work to finish; I don't know how I will manage. “

Sam: ____________________ half of it if you want.

A. I think D. Will You

B. Why don't E. I will help you with

C. Would you

31. Marta : It’s very hot here……

Sinta : Sure. No problem

A. Could you close the door?

B. Would you mind if I turn on the fan?

C. Would you turn off the fan?

D. May I leave now?

E. May you leave now?

32. Toni : I’m going to a jazz concert. Do you fancy coming along?

Yunita : ………..

A. I don’t listen to jazz

B. Never mind

C. Sounds fantastic. That’s my type

D. That’s incredible

E. Sounds great, why not?

33. Anida : I heard that Iwan didn’t pass the test

Diandra : That’s too bad. I’ve told him not to waste his time playing online game

It can be concluded from the dialogue that Diandra expresses her

A. Displeasure D. Doubt

B. Happiness E. Advice

C. Satisfaction

34. Rani : Finally, it’s break time ….a cup of coffee?

Yudi : That’s very nice of you

A. Shall I have

B. May you get me

C. May I offer some help to get

D. May you help me get

E. Would you like me to get you

35. Student : Is it okay to leave a bicycle in a hallway?

Teacher : No, it isn’t. leave it over there, near the gate

The underlined utterance is used for …

A. Offering help

B. Expressing dislikes

C. Introducing others

D. Giving suggestion

E. Making an offer




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